Drowned In Moonlight…

✨drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra✨ #notyourprincess 
What separates Humans from other species on the planet, is our conflicting ability to remain aware of and completely avoid death at the same time. We grieve, we suffer; we’re shocked and dismayed when someone passes; even though it’s nature; even though in order to be born- to live, one must die. 

It’s in those moments of grief, sadness, compassion, empathy and tolerance where we find our humanity. 

Be Human- be sad. be happy. be present. be scared. be excited. get angry. laugh out loud. cry out loud. eat that fucking donut. skip that workout. don’t be an asshole. tolerate more. empathize more. give more. take less. love yourself. love each other. let your heart break. take risks. skip the botox. love your grey hair. fall in love over and over and over again…

Just LIVE: fully, openly and honestly and give zero fucks to/for anything and anyone that interferes with any or all of the above.
Middle fingers up and carry on…

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