A Motorcycle Ride To The End Of The World…

It happened. Today. My trip has already been amazing- but today, it rose all the way up to epic. The places I’ve found kindness in, amaze me. Weeks up to this trip, I kept hearing how dangerous New Orleans is. How I shouldn’t wander off late at night or trust strangers…
I wish those people could experience how beautiful the humans are here. I wish they could see the resiliency and the amazing connection this community has with each other. People take care of each other here, they depend and value each other as neighbors; as friends…as family.

Met an amazing Human, now a Friend (I hope forever) who showed me what life in Nola really is about. This Human took me through squats and abandoned homes; he showed me life “off the grid” in his incredible home he’s literally built up from nothing.  I watched this amazing community interact with each other and walked away with a brand new sense of togetherness and responsibility to the ones I love; to do better and to be better. 

As first, I’ll admit, I was taken aback when I realized where I was and his situation. But his happiness was contagious and soon I was no longer seeing a Human displaced-but a Human who has finally found his place. And what better way to make change then to experience the devastating; the difficult; and the pain yourself, right? 

He took me on a motorcycle ride to cemeterys and levys, and I saw the real- no…the beautiful New Orleans for the first time.

This block has a community garden that was created on land that once held 3 homes, all destroyed in Katrina. Now it stands as a beautiful garden- with a stage for performances, gatherings, and celebrations. Neighbors can come pick veggies and fruit and enjoy the bounty this garden gives them. 

Kids run through the garden playing tag and climbing trees. Everyone enjoys this amazing space shared in this beautiful community, not only as a source of food-but as the heart of this movement. It’s the souls of these humans, with a special kind of kindness that makes this neighborhood and city so magical.  

At the end of the day, we ate Po’ Boys on his front step by his bathtub pond. We were happily interrupted by a rustle in the tree-a falcon had just found its perch on a branch before the sun began her descent below the horizon. 

Such a remarkable day. I felt free. I felt comfortable and as the wind zipped through my hair on the back of the bike, I felt like today was the best day of my life. Experiencing this city and meeting new, creative and talented people is so inspiring and I can’t help but be thankful for my recent shitstorm of drama…if it wasn’t for going through that, I wouldn’t be here, in Nola right now. 

Today I let go and moved on. I felt it. I really did. 

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