Zero Fucks…

You know that scene in GI Jane, when she’s had enough and just gives zero fucks and shaves her head? I love that scene. I love how she shaves off her frustration and weakness then replaces it with determination and strength…


I kinda had this moment today. I made my fastest time climbing the rope. Unfortunately my first climb (the fastest) didn’t get recorded. But my 2nd and 3rd were still faster than when I started. 

Progress is fucking amazing. I’ll take a lifetime of it over success. With progress we find our strength and our potential. Success is just a party favor, a consequence of your hard work. Progress is where the real shit lives. 

We have to be scared to find our courage. Live the real shit people. Dive down deep and try your best to champion through the muck; the dark;  the hard…the real shit. Fall down, get the fuck back up and continue on. Mistakes are lessons; learn from and follow those lessons. We have to be weak to find our strength…It’s never too early. It’s never too late. 

Find it. Practice it. Do it. Get it done. 

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