Blogging, Cohen and Wine in the Bath…

wp-1481171634702.jpgTurns out it’s not the greatest mix…when your mind is drowning in wine; your fingers are sober as fuck and Leonard Cohen is breaking your damn heart.

Let’s blog about music. Specifically, blues music…blues music in New Orleans. 10 days until my trip and I’ve never been so excited about anything. I’m already packed- got my outfits ready for the beignets, music, dancing and maybe Brad Pitt (he’s single now and frequents Nola, so there’s a chance, right?) A girl can dream. I don’t really want anything other than Legends of the Fall, Brad-so missed that boat.

Traveling alone is such a unique experience. Unique in the moments of silence that are filled with so much- so much happiness, curiosity, adventure and hope and you’re lost in your own experiences with nothing and no one else to worry about. Just you and that life you’re fucking living in that exact moment. No timelines, no schedules-just wake up and be on your way. It’s incredible. Absolutely incredible.

fuck. if I could only speed up time. Nola is just what I need. But then, I think, Nola is what everyone needs…

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